Visaic powers UFC title event for Drive-in Theaters in partnership with MetaMedia

Feb 11, 2021

(San Diego, CA) In what industry pundits are calling an internet first, Visaic is pleased to announce that the successful streaming of the January 23rd Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has resulted in the cementing of a partnership between Encore Live and entertainment technology company MetaMedia to offer live streamed concerts at more that 300 drive-in venues over the next twelve months.

Visaic announced in June 2020 their collaboration with MetaMedia to build the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ on Microsoft Azure technologies, enabling studios to deliver content to cinemas around the world using a streamlined workflow. The centrally monitored service eliminates costly physical hard drive shipping of films and automates content ingestion. It also offers secure storage of digital cinemas packages (DCPs), allowing cost-efficient re-distribution of even repertory films without the need for remastering, re-encoding and re-packaging.

The highly anticipated UFC 257 fight featuring Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier was the first live-streamed fight for Encore Drive-In Nights, and the Visaic technology ensured fans across America enjoyed a flawless stream of the fight.

“People will always seek new experiences and our model allows fans to enjoy live concerts and sports outside of the traditional arena setting, which will last long after we’re past this virus,” said Encore Live CEO Walter Kinzie in a statement. “This partnership will enable millions of fans who generally don’t attend large live shows to safely experience some of the biggest performances on earth, live, once they return.

Visaic CEO Kanaan Jemili states “Since the live stream of the UFC event to theaters, there has been a surge in interest from both content producers and audiences regarding the potential that live sports and concerts can have on the cinema business. Collaborating with MetaMedia has provided us the ideal opportunity to expand our OTT platform services into entirely new markets.”


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