Mosaics have been the art form used through the ages to document historical events and tell stories for generations to remember. Mosaics were built with colored stones and glass; these elements were used because they never faded and stood the test of time. As humans evolved, so did the technology available to them. Today, video has become the modern art form by which we tell our stories and share our experiences.

Our vision is to deliver an interactive video platform that provides every Sport, Brand and Creator with tools and services to succeed in this new video economy.

The Visaic team brings years of domain expertise and industry relationships to offer a range of engagement and monetization models on a modern cloud-based video platform focused on interactivity, AI, advanced data science, the latest UI/UX experiences and customer-first managed services.

We believe in the deep connection between people, sport, entertainment, and the communities it creates. Our company was built to enrich and grow these communities through the delivery of meaningful and engaging digital experiences.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Visaic operates worldwide through a distributed team and a network of partners.