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The opportunity for sports entities to go direct to consumer has never been more exciting.  You can activate and engage your audience and build new revenue streams using Visaic’s purpose-built sports platform.

We provide conferences, leagues, federations, clubs and teams with solutions needed to succeed in this new video economy.


Do you want to stream your next live event or launch a subscription service with your VOD library?  The Visaic interactive platform has everything you need. 


Our award winning solution gets you to market quickly and cost-effectively.  Choose free-to-view, ad supported, subscription or pay-per-view monetization options and deliver unique and engaging interactive experiences for your audience.


Maximize your content

Own your audience

Quickly and inexpensively activate and engage your fans with your content.

  • Capture comprehensive analytics and learn from your audience

  • Offer your own branded experience on any device platform

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue with subscription, ad supported, pay-per-view, and/or sponsorship business models.

  • Choose a business model combination that evolves with your service

  • Transact in any currency, no hidden fees

Extend your reach

Deliver content securely and reliably to an audience of thousands or millions.

  • Market your content to new audiences with free trials and teaser content

  • Syndicate your channel or content library to other distributors

How it works

Custom streaming solutions


Select from a custom, semi-custom, or an out-of-the-box solution to leverage proven application interfaces, reduce time to market and optimize investment.


Decide how to engage your audience and choose from one or more of our hybrid monetization models.



Launch and grow your service by delivering cost-effective, high quality and interactive video experiences across an any device platform.


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